Generating aesthetically beautiful & innovative designs since 2010 to meet the demands of the clients who want best of the designs. The portfolio gives a mere look of the level of the work done for our prestigeous clients.

Also, we have our Artistic Chocolates and soaps boutique in Mumbai, Maharashtra where you can get your favourite handmade flavoured yummy chocolates and artistic chemical-free soaps, designed especially for your occasion. We first listen to your requirements and then customize the chocolates and soaps as you would like them. Our shop displays all the products available as they are. Plus, we would love to hear your requirements for specially-made-for-you chocolates and soaps.

Story Behind Our Logo

The name of our founder means ‘a royal white falcon’. Aplomado is an unusual spanish word for “lead-colored”, referring to the blue-grey areas of the “plumbeous falcon”. The Aplomado Falcon (Falco femoralis) is a medium-sized falcon of the America.

Our brand logo shows the beak of the Aplomado Falcon bird positioned upright in the space, full of stars and planets, towards the sky, depicting that with our intricate designs and artistic handmade arts, we can take your thoughts and ideas to the sky: as we believe that sky is the only limit! Plus, we have a very special space for all the birds in our hearts.